Omizu | Oshinizu


Oshinizu output electronic pulse current which is distributed based on massaging rhythms, stimulates the nerves, generating muscle movement without the requirement of the user, this is natural occurrence and direct result of the massager, it is designer in order to help alleviate pain, if uses correctly.

Omizu Home Therapy


  1. Have 6 major traditional Chinese Medicine methods of hammering, acupunture, naprapathy, cupping, and massage simulating the actual person with 48 kinds of changes.

  2. Have 3 different automatic prescriptions on neck, back, waist, leg and foot with 24 kinds of different feelings.

  3. Intermediate frequency (2500Hz) three major fitness modes, dual circuit rectification output, feeling comfortable with notable curative effect.

  4. Unique design of 2500Hz to make its therapeutic function penetrate into the skin.

  5. "repeat" key can lock the optimum stimulation instantaneously.

  6. Visualized display of body applicable position.

  7. Timing design with 6 sections of countdown.

Please be aware

Never use the product at the same time with the following therapeutic electro nic instruments:

  1. Internal transplanted therapeutic electronic instrument, such as artificial heart rate regulator;

  2. Life maintenance based therapeutic electronic instrument, such as artificial cardiac pacemaker;

  3. Label based therapeutic electronic instrument, such as electrocardiograph.



DC9V Battery

What's included in the box

  • 1xMain Unit
  • 2 pairs of electrodes
  • 2xwires
  • 2xwiring boards
  • 1xDC9V battery