Negative Ion Home Therapy

With Negative Ion Home Therapy you can use it at home without going outside! You can also use it with herbs and other beauty products!

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Fold it up for storage

Negative Ion Home Therapy can be folded up for easy storage. Whether you want to bring it out on a trip or store it somewhere. With Negative Ion Home Therapy, it is compact enough to do so.

Pockets for your hands

There are pockets to let your hands out for using your smartphone, reading, and so on while improving your body.

Can be used with other beauty products

To maximize the benefits of Negative Ion Home Therapy you can use other third-party beauty products with it. For example, you can use Chinese Herbs together with it.



Home Therapy

  • Height: 975mm
  • Width: 745mm
  • Length: 745mm


  • Height: 223mm
  • Width: 290mm
  • Length: 320mm

Technical Specifications


  • Frequency: 520Hz
  • Power: AC240V 800W

Package Contents

  • Home Therapy Box
  • Steampot
  • 6 x Steam Rocks
  • User Documentation

Warranty Information

  • 1-Year Warranty

Products Model

  • OM-000