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Negative Ion Home Therapy & Body Acu-Pro

We sell home therapy products in Malaysia.
Mainly Negative Ion Home Therapy & Body Acu-Pro but there's also some others products too!
Ours main focus is to improve everyone's life.

Negative Ion Home Therapy

With Omizu Negative Ion Home Therapy now you can use a Negative Ion Home Therapy at home without going outsite! You can also use it with herbs and other beauty products!

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Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs is a accessories for Home Therapy.
You can add proper bath herbs into steam pot of your Home Therapy.

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Body Acu-Pro II

Body Acu-Pro II bring tranditinal massage available on the go in such a compact device.

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Oshinizu output electronic pulse current which is distributed based on massaging rhythms, stimulates the nerves, generating muscle movement without the requirement of the user.

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Cold Hot Wrap

It provides convenient hot or cold theraphy treatment. It helps to reduce the severity of injury symptoms, pain and swelling.

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