Omizu Home Therapy | Use it at home | Portable

Negative Ion Home Therapy

With Omizu Negative Ion Home Therapy now you can use a Negative Ion Home Therapy at home without going outsite! You can also use it with herbs and other beauty products!

Omizu Home Therapy


  • Can be fold up for easy storage

  • Can be use with other beauty product

  • Steam pot provided to generate steam

  • Vent design let you leaves your hands out for reading, etc.

What's so good about Negative Ion Home Therapy?

  • It can keep your skin healthy

  • Relaxes tired and arching muscles

  • Burn colories

  • Temporary relief for arthritis

  • Relieves joints and muscle pains

  • Improves body tone

  • Help aid sleep


Size (Home Therapy):
Size (Steampot):

AC240V 520Hz 800W